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Fleur Woods 'After the Rain'


Fleur Wood's 'After the Rain' original artwork was created in 2017 by Fleur as part of a collection of flora inspired works that also reflected the seasons. After the Rain represents Spring, new growth, the freshness of the earth after cleansing rain. 

Fleur's artworks were physically created by painting linen with abstract washes then hand painting the Flora before adding the embroidery, slow stitched by hand, a meditation in itself. 

BALASANA yoga mats are made entirely from natural materials, with a luxurious suede top and a natural rubber base.

All our yoga mats are non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. Great for you and the environment.

After the Rain yoga mat is 183cm long x 63cm wide and 4mm thick. 

BALASANA yoga mats come in recyclable packaging, padded by tissue paper and each mat comes with a carry strap.

Our mats are designed in New Zealand and manufactured in China.

Fleur Woods 'After the Rain'